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Six years ago we hosted  a basketball game in front of a dozen people in our driveway. We spent our summers getting together with our neighborhood hosting an event with tacos, a polar bear mascot, and neon t-shirts. In 2017, our event took on a deeper meaning. 

On December 16th, 2017, we lost a close friend Devin Waring to suicide. With our community shocked by this tragic news, we had the opportunity to transform our little event into something that could raise money and awareness for mental health by bringing together young people.

We have raised over $75,000 for charities such as the Boys and Girls Clubs of WNY, The Alzheimer's Association and the primary recipient being Horizon Health Services. It has grown every year in size and impact, and our last event hosted over 350 local high school and college players at three venues.


Our mission is to raise money and awareness for mental health and bring people together through a unique, fun event. This event has become something bigger than basketball, and it brings together the whole community.


Our goal this year is to not just break the world record, but the stigma that comes with talking about these issues. We hope to continue to spread impact and awareness in the Western New York community and beyond by hosting this historic event.

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